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中国科学技术大学唐珂教授应邀讲授“Population-based Search Methods for Multimodal Optimization”


       2月15日下午2点30分,中国科学技术大学唐珂教授,应邀在理工D楼318会议室做了“Population-based Search Methods for Multimodal Optimization”的报告。报告会由我所所长张兴义教授主持,学院师生到场聆听。


        报告人简介:Ke Tang is a Professor at the School ofComputer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China.His major research interests include evolutionary computation and machinelearning and has authored/co-authored more than 100 refereed publications onprestigious journals and conferences, including IEEE TEVC, IEEE TNNLS, IEEETCYB, IEEE TRO and IEEE TGRS, which received more than 4000 citations. He receivedthe Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship in 2015 and is an Associate Editoror Editorial Board Member of the IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation, Swarmand Evolutionary Computation (Elsevier), Natural Computing (Springer) andMemetic Computing (Springer).