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苏延森 (副教授/硕导)



●电  话:15755146125





Education Experience: 

Ø2010.9~ 2014.9 Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  Ph.D.

Ø2007.9~2010.7  Shandong University of Science and Technology,  M.S. 

Ø2003.9~2007.7 Tangshan Normal College, B.S. 

Work Experience:

Ø2014.9~2017.11  College of Computer Science and Technology,Anhui University, Lecturer

Ø2017.12~present  College of Computer Science and Technology,Anhui University, Associated Professor




Ø安徽大学协同创新中心开放课题,肺癌分子网络的构建与应用 (ADXXBZ2014-13),2015/01-2015/12,1万元,主持                   


Ø2016 The first CCF Bioinformatics Conference, 最佳论文奖                 


ØMember of the China Computer Federation (CCF)

ØMember of the Operations Research Society of Hubei Province



● Yansen Su, Chunlong Liu, Yunyun Niu, Fan Cheng, Xingyi Zhang. A Community Structure Enhancement based Community Detection algorithm for Complex Networks. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems, 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TSMC.2019.2917215 (SCI Indexed)      [Download]


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● Suxia Jiang, Yanfeng Wang, Yansen Su*. A uniform solution to SAT problem by symport/antiport P systems with channel states and membrane division. Soft Computing, 2018:1-9.                                                     [Download]

● Yansen Su, Yanxin Li, Zheng Zhang, Linqiang Pan. Features Identification for Phenotypic Classification Based on Genes and Gene Pairs. Current Bioinformatics, 2018, 13(5): 468-478. (SCI Indexed)         [Download]

● Fan Cheng, Tinging Cui , Yansen Su, Yunyun Niu. A Local Information based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Networks[J]. Applied Soft Computing, 2018, 69:S156849461830228X.   [Download]


● Yansen Su, Bangju Wang, Fan Cheng, Lei Zhang, Xingyi Zhang*, and Linqiang Pan, An algorithm based on positive and negative links for community detection in signed networks, Scientific Reports, 2017, Article number: 10874 (SCI, JCR 2 class).          [Download]

● Lei Zhang, Hebin Pan, Yansen Su, Xingyi Zhang*,and Yunyun Niu. A mixed representation based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for overlapping community detection. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2017,47(9): 2703-2716. The Matlab code can be available from the download. (SCI, JCR 1 class)                                                     [Download]

● Yansen Su, Bangju Wang, Xingyi Zhang*. A seed-expanding method based on random walks for community detection in networks with ambiguous community structures. Scientific Reports. 2017,7:41830.          [Download]

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● Zhangxiao Li, Lei Zhang, Yansen Su, Jun Li and Xun Wang*, A skin membrane-driven membrane algorithm for many-objective optimization, Neural Comput & Applic, 2016, in press. (SCI Index, JCR 3 Class)          [Download]

● 张兴义, 郑雯, 王丛涛, 丁转莲, 苏延森*. 基于单步添加团的重叠社团检测算法. 华南理工大学学报(自然科学版), 2016,9: 24-31. (EI检索) [Download]


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