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PlatEMO without GUI

PlatEMO provides the only interface main() to users. If this function is invoked with input parameters, PlatEMO will be run without GUI. While if the function is invoked without any input parameter, PlatEMO will be run with a GUI. When PlatEMO is run without GUI, users should set the MOEA to be executed, the MOP to be solved, the operator to be used, and all the other parameter settings by passing input parameters to main(). Please refer to the user manual for the details of all the acceptable parameters of main().After the MOEA has been terminated, the final population can be displayed in a figure, or saved in a .mat file. In the figure, users can select the data to be displayed on the menu, including the Pareto front of the result, the Pareto set of the result, the true Pareto front, and the evolutionary trajectories of any performance indicator values.

Test Module

If main() is invoked without any input parameter, the GUI of PlatEMO will be shown, which currently contains two modules, i.e. test module and experimental module. The test module is used to analyze the performance of each MOEA, where one MOEA on an MOP can be executed each time.The test module provides similar functions to the PlatEMO without GUI, but users do not need to write any additional command or code.

Experimental Module

The experimental module is designed for statistical experiments, where multiple MOEAs on a batch of MOPs can be executed at the same time.Different from the text module showing a figure, the experimental module shows a table containing all the statistical experimental results, including the mean and the standard deviation of the performance indicator value, and the Wilcoxon rank sum test result.Afterwards, the table can be saved as Excel table (.xlsx) or LaTeX table (.tex).